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What will you learn?

We are co-creating a curriculum that will evolve and grow with each Wild School programme.

Why this? Why now?

The disconnection between urban and rural life, of humans from nature, is one of the root causes to so many of the ecological, social and health challenges that we face as a society. We believe that the best way to inspire and enable long-term transformational change within our society is to reconnect young people with nature and make them aware of how they could participate in a more regenerative economy. Please read out whitepaper for a deeper dive into our philosophy and research.

What makes our programme different?

There are plenty of youth leadership and entrepreneurial programmes out there. We stand out in these three areas;

Learn by Doing

Wild School ignites the creativity and imagination of young people by reconnecting them with nature and challenging them to co-design their own future regenerative villages whilst learning essential business and life skills.

Diversity by Design

We bring together young people aged between 18-24 from urban and rural communities. We also ensure that our programmes have equal representation from BAME communities as well as a balanced gender mix.

Real World Impact

Wild School works with landowners to facilitate the transformation of their land, buildings and farming estates into thriving regenerative economies. We strive to leave a real impact on the place that host our programmes.

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Learn by Doing

An apprenticeship programme for regenerative entrepreneurs

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